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Our Specialty - "Living" Trays

10"x10" Tray

Shown here is our Micro Basil Dark Opal in our most popular sized tray.  They not only appeal to the creative side of chefs, but they are an ideal size for busy kitchens, they don't require refrigeration, they are loaded with "growing" greens, they can't get any fresher and there is no waste. 


The intense flavors, bright colors and sustainability of our products are unbeatable.

Cut Microgreens - 4 oz. / 6oz. / 11oz.

Our microgreens are harvested and delivered same day to ensure maximum freshness.  Our natural plant nutrients guarantee long lasting, great tasting microgreens as well as customer satisfaction right down to the very last plant.

Robust - our premium house blend



Our signature house blend is a colorful blend of microgreens and flavors suitable for a variety of menu items.  Robust demands attention with its combination of Swiss Chard Rainbow, Beet Bull's Blood, Kogane (Chinese Cabbage), Kohlrabi Purple and Basil Dark Opal.



Here are some micro-blends that can b e grown "live" or fresh cut.  Please note that we require 3 to 4 weeks lead time to prepare these blends.  If you decide to make one or more of these blends part of a regularly served dish, we will grow sufficient to keep you well supplied.


BASIC SALAD MIX - Broccoli; Kale; Kohlrabi; Arugula; Cabbage (Red); Cauliflower


SPICY SALAD MIX - Kale; Kohlrabi; Arugula; Cabbage (Red); Cauliflower; Mustard


SPICY GREENS - Radish, Arugula, Cress


FRENCH GARDEN - Clover, Arugula, Cress, Radish, Fenugreek, Dill


NALO GREENS - Buckwheat Lettuce, Sunflower Greens, Pea Tendrils, Radish


CABBAGE PATCH - Red & Green Cabbage

Rainbow Blend

This cut-only blend is an exotic mix of 10 different microgreens with an Asian touch, international flavors and eye-appealling colors. Available in 4 oz. clamshells only and delivered to your door freshly harvested!

Custom Blends

The perfect blend for the perfect meal - you decide and we will perfect it! If you don't see the greens or vegetables you need, we'll find it and grow it.  Your custom blend is exclusive - we will not share it with anyone.  Minimum orders may apply.

Photo courtesy of Sprout People

Quality...             Fresh to You

Hydroponically Grown

  • No pesticides
  • No herbicides
  • No chemicals
  • No GMOs

More Product Options

  • More than 70 microgreens varieties
  • Delivered "live" in their grow trays = no refrigeration required
  • No waste!
  • Lasts up to 10 days - just add a little water


  • Fresh, fresh, fresh
  • Incredible taste
  • Nutritious
  • Variety
  • Available 7 days per week

About Us...

Las Vegas Herbs' 5,000 sq. ft. greenhouse hydroponic operation is dedicated to the production of microgreens for the Las Vegas restaurant community.


Nevada Dept of Agriculture Producer Certificate No. MCCAJOH-16.


Las Vegas Herbs operates in accordance with USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).  We are members of the American Culinary Federation Las Vegas Chapter. 


Chefs and industry professionals are welcome to call and arrange a visit to our facilities just south and west of the M Casino.

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